Will Fly For Food: Tennessee

Hungry flyers near Tennessee need look no further than M93, Houston County Airport, for a delicious destination. If you have a hankering for a home cooked meal like grandma used to make, read on!

Restaurant is located near a cove on Kentucky Lake’s east shoreline.  Kentucky Lake’s northern shore sits solidly in Kentucky but the lake extends halfway across Tennessee eventually joining the Tennessee River.

Visit the Southernaire Restaurant in Stewart, Tennessee and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. On the day we visited I was sure somebody’s grandma was in the kitchen cooking up the sweet potato praline casserole, stuffing, corn fritters and a long list of stick-to-your-ribs, yummy starches. I’m sure healthy food choices are available but it’s ‘comfort food’ this restaurant is known for.

Final approach, M93, Houston County Airport, Tennessee

The buffet was filled with fried catfish, broasted chicken, turkey and please don’t get me started on the desserts. Think Southernaire and think southern hospitality, great local eats, and people that come back again and again.

We flew in, a flight of two RV7’s

We’re talking down-home here. I’m betting the decor hasn’t changed since the day they opened years ago, part of the charm of this hidden gem. Never mess with a good thing!  🙂

I’m told the Southernaire Restaurant is off the grid when arriving by car; a ways from a highway and hard to find. The great news is you can land a taildragger at the 2900′ hard surface, county airport across the road, M93, taxi to the west end of the runway, and walk up the hill to the restaurant. Easy. Scenic. And so worth it!

Southernaire does not have a website.  Link to basic information, directions and phone number; https://www.tnvacation.com/local/stewart-southernaire-motel-restaurant

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