Win a signed copy of Martha Lunken’s book “Unusual Attitudes”


I’ve hosted a wide range of contests on LadiesLoveTaildraggers and I’ve always loved running them. They’re super fun for me and everyone who enters!

Contests entice readers to ponder the question “should I enter?”, put in a little effort, and reward LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ readers with the fun results.

I’m happy to report this contest actually has a prize, and a pretty great one at that –  a signed copy of lady taildragger pilot Martha Lunken’s new book “Unusual Attitudes”. Martha is infamous on so many levels and reading her book helps explain just why.

In Unusual Attitudes, Martha Lunken has collected her favorite columns from Flying Magazine to share with a wider audience. The stories chronicle Martha’s rich life in aviation and are peopled with an assortment of unforgettable aviation characters. Often funny, sometimes irreverent, always personal, the stories in Unusual Attitudes will resonate with everyone who loves airplanes.

“Jazz-It-Up Flying Fun!” Photo Contest

  1. Email your favorite ‘Flying Fun’ photo to Smiling face(s) and at least part of a taildragger must be visible.
  2. Feel free to put a creative touch on your photos by adding text, graphics, photoshopping or whatever else adds to the fun factor.
  3. Describe who, what, where, when. Note photo credit.
  4. Enter as many photos as you like. Open to all.
  5. Email to then sit back & wait to win! Entries must be received by Sunday, November 27.

    Kate Chambers and I weren’t about to miss Martha Lunken when she visited Eagle Creek Airport in Indianapolis recently. It took a Sky-Vu Flyers “Rusty Pilots Seminar” to get the job done, but we went – we learned and we got ‘your’ book signed by Martha.


    C180 owner Martha Lunken signed “Taildraggers Forever!”

    A Martha Lunken favorite quote, “If you’re not living close to the edge you’re taking up too much space.”



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