Winding Down at the Idaho Women’s Fly-in

Yeehaa! That’s mountain slang for “Flying’s a blast in Idaho!!” The symposium is over and Anne Wright and I are back in Boise getting ready to meet up with fellow pilot Deborah Abingdon of Roswell, NM for dinner.  We’ve been scrambling to do it all – see it all, since we got here Wednesday, and trust me, we’ve done a great job of it! So……., since we’re on the move once again, I’m posting a few more pictures I hope you enjoy.

Girls rule at Smiley Creek this week! Here's just a few of us meeting for breakfast at the lodge.

Christina Chapman at our Woman Wise Airmanship Symposium

Saturday night stories and music by the campfire - too fun!!

You can only fly (safely) sunrise to noon so we ALL took full advantage of those precious few hours!

This next picture is of Lisa Martin & her Super Cub who left the following comment. “I got into Johnson Creek, for the first time, yesterday. What a treat! Spent Thurs – Sun with an indescribably exciting and small (so we bonded) group of women. We camped, flew around landing at different strips, hiked, kayak’d and talked about our uniqueness as women aviators…also a lot of discussion about leadership in bringing and keeping women interested in aviation. I always liked going to camp as a kid…but this was camp-on-steriods.”

Lisa Martin & her Super Cub

Some of the Friday night dinner group at Smiley Creek.


OMG, great BBQ dinner Friday night!!


Oh, there's more. We kayak'd on Redfish Lake Saturday afternoon too!


Wow! The girls had a good time in and out of the water!

Lisa turned out to be a natural at kayaking

And Stephanie figured out how to do it vertically right off the bat!

Wilma, Wendy & our mascot, Napoleon, we're the first to sign up for the paddle boats.

Wendy headed out bright and early for home in her PA12

Sad our first Women's Back-country Adventure Fly-in is over but hang in there, Christina's 2012 fly-in will be here before you know it.

  • Jeanne MacPherson
    Posted at 19:46h, 11 July Reply

    Fabulous! My spirit was with you all~~ Great pictures!

  • christina chapman
    Posted at 11:38h, 11 July Reply

    In all my 28+ years of my career, this Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure was the ultimate expression of what I love best: Women, Leadership, and Aviation. GREAT COMBINATION.

    What made it special was not just the outstanding setting, the remarkably unique flying, the learning, the food, and all the recreational fun. It was the WOMEN PILOTS that attended. The range was from student pilot Tracy from Ketchum Idaho, to USAF retired C130/T38 and now RV6 driver/and plane builder Stephanie, to Gail’s aerobatic talent (see video below), to backcountry extraordinaire and story-teller Wendy from Utah, to Lisa’s calm enthusiasm for living life large in her cub (in which I don’t believe she is out of for more than a night’s sleep, to Wyoming Alex (and her niece who experienced her FIRST flight at this symposium) greasing every landing in the TU206, Anne from MI learning and witnessing all sorts of incredible aspects of backcountry aviation and aviatrix bonding, Deborah from NM taking home tidbits of aviation learning for her University of NM students becoming air traffic controllers, Wilma bestowing inspirational insights, wit, and comments from a wealth of aviation experience (flew 27 hours in the backcountry all over in her cute blue and white citabria right before we all arrived), my daughter and assistant Kiana who soaked in woman power all weekend long and a great help to me behind the scenes, and JUDY BIRCHLER, the most incredible ambassador for women in aviation ever.

    Thanks to all for your participation, your enthusiasm in the taste of Idaho backcountry aviation. for remaining OUT OF THE BOX, and bonding with me and each other. The most impressive experience was the positive acceptance for each other, focus on women and leadership in aviation, and awe for one another regardless of our walk in life. We enjoyed lots of FUN, deep respect for each other’s accomplishments and upcoming accomplishments, and connected about something that goes beyond each individual: The SYNERGY of belonging to something and others that is greater than ourself alone.

    We are ALL better after touching each other’s hearts. We are ALL better with a unified goal, although each different and unique and individually coinciding with personal direction, because we now can better mentor each other and future aviatrix in our lives. We also better encourage each other to STAY flying when confronted with fears, financial struggles, lack of support, or learning plateaus. Participants all learned how to find the STRENGTH within, focus on positive THOUGHTS/attitudes, why ACTION is critical to success, how to engage your RESOLVE, and use the SYNERGY of all of that plus the relationship with one another to maintain our passion for flying. RIGHT ON! It is a powerful approach to life and reaps excellence along the way.

    Excellent time with some of the best lady pilots I’ve ever met. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. I think Anne may have a point that the first of any sort of fly in is a hard act to follow. But, you know what, that’ is my new goal. Next Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure WILL be better. Why? Well, WHY NOT? Because we want it to be and that’s all we have to believe. I will update here and on my blog about the format of next year and as women commit to next year’s fun.

    Glad all had a great time and got home safely with huge grins on your face. We can only change when we CHOSE to change. My hunch is that this group of women pilots went through an incredible transformation. I will be in touch with each for THE STUDY. In the meantime, please complete your GOAL sheets. Contact me via email or my cell phone with questions or comments. I am greatly honored to have met and played with each of you. Thanks! SEE you next summer if not sooner.

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 09:33h, 11 July Reply

    Great job capturing the event in pictures, Judy! I posted several on facebook, but I don’t know that I can add anything to your shots. I did a friend request to you so just let me know if you would like any emailed to you. Otherwise, I think I will pick out just a few that might be unique. Can’t wait to meet up with you again. I really am hoping our fish planting dates change. I think the LLT fly-in would be a great time builder for me 🙂

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