Wings Over Savannah Fly-in, KSNH

My favorite airport manager, Montill Warren from Savannah, Tennessee sent us all a special fly-in invitation. Put October 4 on your calendar if you’re in the area. We KNOW Montill can throw one heck of a fly-in. She hosted 2 fantastic LLT fly-ins and I’m sure her “Wings Over Savannah Fly-in” will be a great one too. Special price 100LL – $4.50 gallon! Please stop in – I’m sure Montill would love to see you!!

We’re having our annual open house and fly-in coming up on October 4.  We’d love you and as many of the Ladies as possible come and join us!  Hope to see you soon!


Savannah-Hardin County Airport

Savannah, Tennessee

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