Women in Wyoming: Lori Olson

Every woman who has let self-doubt obstruct her desire to become a pilot, and every person who has let fear or anxiety keep them from achieving their goals, will be inspired by this personal story and podcast. Many thanks to Lori Olson, Director of the Upton Municipal Airport, backcountry pilot & rural airstrip advocate, for sharing her story.

Source: Artist, photographer and fifth-generation Wyoming-native Lindsay Linton-Buk. Lindsay’s Women in Wyoming is a powerful project developed out of a personal interest to connect with her peers and learn how women are filling the void and expressing their full capacity in the rural West today.

Lori writes “Women In Wyoming is a great project and Lindsay Linton-Buk does a wonderful job. Lindsay featured my story of how I started flying on one of her podcasts and in a chapter called ‘Filling the Void’. I think it’s something that many women can relate to as they struggle to find a place where they belong. The sky is that place for me.”

Lori Olson with her 7GCBC. Photo credit Lindsay Linton-Buk @womeninwyoming

My 7GCBC with my daughters. Photo credit Lindsay Linton-Buk @womeninwyoming

Full story, beautiful photography and podcast:

Source: Lori Olson

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