Women Wise AWEsome Adventures, June 27 – July 1

Christina Tindle, WWaa, Taildragger Pilot, Counselor, Author

I am delighted I was invited to speak at this year’s WWaa gathering in Cascade, Idaho, appropriately translated ‘Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures’.

Woohoo, I’m flying to Idaho this June! Cool for me but better yet, Christina Tindle has put together another super event for women pilots. Christina is a member of LadiesLoveTaildraggers, owns a Piper Pacer, is a back-country pilot, counselor, author and dynamo with the power to inspire. Again this year, she has pulled together a remarkable group of flight instructors who will be available to hone attendees flying skills throughout the event. And all the while, Christina’s WWaa program is ongoing, filled with activities, discussion, speakers and fun. Instructors like Rich Stowell, Lisa Martin, Cammi Patch, Stacey Pudel, Christine Mortine, Glenn Smith, Ken Larson, Bob Del Valle, Kurt Becker and Fred Williams will be at U70, Cascade, Idaho throughout the event. And just like me, Jill Tallman and Amber Philips are guest speakers!

Christina reports:

WWaa 2018 is better than ever. Backcountry aviation and seaplanes continues to be a hit with participants. Aerobatics and spin training are offered by Master Instructor Rich Stowell. Gyroplane is a great option to switch it up and expand flight experience. There’s also paragliding off West Mountain at Tamarack Resort (west side of Cascade Lake).

Woman-specific Unique Debriefs include a tailored match of flight instruction processing to women’s styles of learning. Attaching personal meaning and confidence enhancing skills yields a fun and effective way of boosting proficiency and joy. These debriefs are designed to leave you grinning because we learn more when in a relaxed happy state.

Special guest speakers include AOPA Jill Tallman and LLT Judy Birchler. New this year is first class in aviation mechanics offered by Sandpoint’s Amber Phillips.

Also, balancing activities continue with massage and yoga. Art classes are brand new this summer and include plein air and aviation-themed fun. Lodging offered at Ashely Inn, Birch Glen in town or $10/night camping on the lake (2 miles from conference, about 4 from the airport). There is free camping at the airport but there are no amenities and frankly, it’s not great (but doable).

For more information visit   https://www.christinatindle.com/flying.html

Or Event flyer at:   2018 WWaa Informational Flyer

March 30, 2018 By Jill W. Tallman

Don’t miss this video by Christina Tindle about the 2018 WWaa event.

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