Woohoo! Circle Indy’s Grass Strips Flyout Video!


I always love it when video shows up unexpectedly, especially when it’s flying footage from a terrific event. I was happy as I could be when a friend gave me video he had taken at our fantastic “Circle Indy Grass Strips Flyout” — way back in 2013. The flyout was something I put together and kept my fingers crossed somebody would show up for, and did they ever! It turned out to be one amazing experience on one beautiful, sunny, perfect flying day. I’ve compressed their videos, added a few of my own pictures and crammed it into this YouTube video for anyone who would like to see. If your group of flying friends, Ninety-Nines, WIA or EAA chapter are looking for ideas for a fun event, it’s easy to throw a flyin like this together.

You might pick a grass strip to start your day where there’s an airplane build happening. Take the tour, have a few donuts then get your group on the way. Half way round your city, pick a grass strip where someone’s happy to host a cookout lunch for your group. We finished our day of flying by having a pizza party back in our hangar and still managed to get everyone back home before the summer sun set. 🙂

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