Yep, its flat!

My plan was to fly the Happy Champ January 1,  just to get the new year off on the right note, but winds gusting to 25 mph forced me into a (oh, say it ain’t so….) Mooney instead. But that’s OK; my husband was so happy to pull his 231 out of the hangar and sit left seat, he could hardly contain himself.  Heck, I even got to log some 231 turbo time myself which is just a tiny bit more complex than the Champ.

So today, January 2, with beautiful blue skies, cold air and great visibility, I preheated the engine with my old reject hairdryer, topped off the Champ tanks and did a thorough preflight. “Barreling” down runway 25 at 55 mph, Boyd was bundled up trying to keep warm tucked in the back. Thought I’d show you a picture after my landing a couple hours later….

Yep, its totally flat!

Pretty uneventful landing.

Just needs a new tube but sure put an abrupt end to today’s flying fun!

Another tube – another tomorrow!

  • shannon
    Posted at 18:38h, 03 January Reply

    thanks, I’ll have to remember that. He called this morning and will be here at 9am tomorrow. Woohoo. We will fly yet this week.


  • Judy
    Posted at 09:53h, 03 January Reply

    Thanks for offering your spare tubes Shannon but I think we’ve got it covered. 2 new tubes are supposed to ship today. Glad to hear you got the 337 approved on the hydraulic brakes. I know you both put a lot of effort into the model & paperwork. And all I can say about getting your IA to come over – chocolate chip cookies!!

    Posted at 07:37h, 03 January Reply

    Hey Judy, sorry to hear about your flat. If your needing a spare we have 2 extra tubes out in the garage, we could send you one .LOL Don’t feel bad we just finished up a brake upgrade on the taylorcraft and we are waiting on the AI to come and sign off on her. We went and put together a 337 for field approval to convert over to hydraulic brakes from shinn brakes. We got back the approval in a week had the brakes on 2 days later and are still waiting for our AI to get here to sign it off. Go figure.

    Have a Happy New year and we will see you guys at the fly in if not before.

    Shannon and Chuck

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