Yes! A sunny day and no new snow!!

By Judy Birchler, host of

Finally, a great afternoon to fly in Indiana!  Check out the pictures Boyd shot as I departed Mt. Comfort Airport, refueled at Shelbyville  (thank you Darrell), flew around Geist Lake and shot touch and go’s at MQJ.  It was clear, smooth, beautiful and a mild 25 degrees.

Departing MQJ. Cold outside but warm in the Champ, at least on my left foot.

Southbound for the 18 mile hop to visit Sherry and Darrell at KGEZ

I slicked it on,…. really!!

Judy with  Darrell, who I had to convince to pose with me

Hanging with the big boy

Over Geist Lake

Not wasting the sunshine at MQJ

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