Yes, Canadians Love Taildraggers!

Hi everyone. I’ve created this quick post to promote a few important facts.

  • Ladies Love Taildraggers scholarships are open to women pilots world-wide
  • Five 2020 LLT scholarship winners were recently announced
  • Thanks to a matching grant from the EAA Women Soar Society,  LLT will soon be awarding another five fantastic scholarships. Link to Apply by May 17
  • Part of our fundraising effort for the next 5 scholarships is an on-line Raffle for a beautiful, new Abingdon watch. Link to Raffle

The take-way? Ladies Love Taildraggers is here to encourage women everywhere to fly conventional gear aircraft … a.k.a. TAILDRAGGERS, as well as promote crucial, top-notch flying skills.

Who am I rooting for? The next 5 scholarship winners will be announced no later than June 30, 2020. I’m rooting for all women pilots, no matter where they are based, who are passionate about taildragging and are anxious to be the best pilot they can be.

How can you help?  Many of our scholarships are donated by flight schools & CFIs generously offering free training & aircraft to our scholarship program. We have no Canadian CFIs at this point but would love to hear from interested flight schools. Please email to learn more.

I’m happy to highlight the following five ladies (each based outside the U.S.) who have received LLT scholarships in the past 3 years.

Laura Matheson

2020 Scholarship Winner #4: Laura Matheson from Gloucester, Ontario, Canada.

Read the full story at

 LLT Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner Laura Matheson







Anna Rusinowski

2019 Scholarship Winner: Anna Rusinowski from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Read the full story at

LLT Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner Anna Rusinowski







Emma Redfearn

2019 Scholarship Winner Emma Redfearn from Alisa Craig, Ontario, Canada.

Read the full story at

LLT Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner Emma Redfern







Summer Papple & CFI Debby Rihn-Harvey

2018 Scholarship Winner Scholarship #2: Summer Papple from Seaforth, Ontario, Canada. Tailwheel Endorsement Training with Debby Rihn-Harvey, Texas.

Read the full story at

LLT Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship Winner Summer Papple




CFI Catherine Cavagnaro & Fiona Macaskill

Catherine Cavagnaro’s Ace Academy Spin Training scholarship: Winner Fiona Macaskill from Olvestoon, UK.

Read the full story at

LLT Spin Training Scholarship Winner Fiona Macaskill

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