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Bill & Yvette Tracy Supercub flying, 2017 Indy Grass Strips Flyout.

They say the best things in life are free —- and it certainly holds true when it comes to our “Indy Grass Strips” fun fly-out this Saturday, August 11. EAA members who join us get bonus points (or at least extra donuts!) You are invited to fly along with us on the 2018 Indy Grass Strips Fly-out!

5 Years ago I launched a flying event appropriately named the “Indy Grass Strips Fly-out”. Thanks to a suggestion and inspiration from Supercub pilot Bill Tracy, who is all about grass strips and back-country flying, a Circle Indianapolis Grass Strips fly-out seemed like an awesome idea. Boy was it!

Not only was the inaugural fly-out a success, we have continued to build on it and have morphed it into EAA Chapter 1121’s “Indy Grass Strips Flyout”. 
Over the last several years, together we’ve visited bunches of private and public grass strips in our area. Whether they’re public or private, grass strips are off-the-radar for many pilots who need a little encouragement that grass is a good thing. Truth is, grass is very forgiving and you will never hear the screech of your tires or feel the grab on a cushion of grass. 

This year I’ve pulled together some great grass strips, many of which we’re visiting for the first time. Pilots will need to pay special attention to wires near the approach ends, towers, displaced thresholds, runway length, direction of pattern, radio frequency and other traffic.

If you’re coming, plan on arriving at 6I4 by 8:30 a.m. and set your ForeFlight or WingX in advance for these strips. A mandatory pilot briefing is scheduled for 8:45 at Boone Co.  — and even better – coffee and donuts!

Boone Co. Airport (6I4)
18/36 Grass runway
Arrive by 8:30 Saturday
It’s recommended not to touch down on the grass much further north than the windsock.

Fuller Field, 38IN
9/27, 2000′ long x 125′ wide
Low Pass Only.

JR’s Airport, 11IN
Low Pass Only
9/27, 2700′ x 90′ wide

Way West Airpark, 50II
9/27, 3200′ x 80′ wide

Hampton Field, 38II
01/19, 2400′ x 80′ wide
Approach to 01 clear
Approach to 19, 300′ displaced threshold for wires

Patrum Field, II09
6/24, 2400′ x 60′, parallels I-70 south of interstate

Pam’s Place, 78I
10/28, 3630′ x 100′ wide with 750′ displaced thresholds both ends
18/36, 1629′ x 100′ wide

Kephart Field, IN01
18/36, 2500′ x 75′, displaced threshold using 18 due to wires to north

Cardinals Nest Airport, 58II
18/36, 2350′ x 80, wires with balls on north end

Shelbyville Airport, Grass, KGEZ
09/27 Grass runway, 2671′ x 190′ Displaced thresholds

Sugar Creek Air Park, Markleville, II13
Last airport and cookout
18/36, 1870′ x 150′ wide.

Important: Precise control of your airspeed is essential. If you think you will need a go-around, do it early. There’s no shame in a go-around, it simply means you’re in control of your aircraft. Any strip you are not comfortable landing at, overfly and go to the next. Continually watch your fuel level. It’s nice to be light flying in and out of shorter strips on hot days but always keep a 45 minute reserve and land to refuel when necessary.

Please RSVP if you plan on flying along. I need a plane count and would appreciate a head-count for lunch.

Our 1st Indy Grass Strips Flyout!

2017 Indy Grass Strips Flyout:


All pilots and passengers participate at their own risk.

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