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10 Years ago; 2009, Judy Birchler with my Champ and Diana Votaw with her Cubcrafters SportCub S2.

Woohoo!!! As recently reported, LadiesLoveTaildraggers has succeeded and prospered for 10 phenomenal years. This month, May 2019, is the 10 year anniversary of LLT. Thank you for joining me in this incredible journey – one that has given us a voice and connected lady taildragger pilots around the globe.  I consider it a privilege to be included among so many extraordinary female pilots!

I think you’ll agree our small group found a niche that was ready to be filled. After ten years our member numbers continue to grow and our mission continues to expand.

Boyd, Craig, Judy, & Jessica Birchler, 2009

In the past 10 years of blogging I’ve explored a long list of tactics trying to find the right mix to entice just a few more members. Many of my ideas crashed and burned but a few caught on.  Everyone seemed to like the LadiesLoveTaildraggers videos, our awesome t-shirts, reading about our newest members and, of course, our scholarships. More recently our very own Pilots Air B&B, Bed Breakfast & Beyond, seems to have taken off.

That said, nothing can change the heart and soul of what LadiesLoveTaildraggers is all about, having FUN flying a taildragger! If you don’t absolutely love dragging your tail — well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. On the other hand, if you do, you’re hopelessly hooked just like me.

Since the beginning, all women taildragger pilots have been welcomed and nose-wheel pilots have been encouraged to join us. Student pilots have been cheered-on to fly a tailwheel aircraft and plenty of men have seen the light and joined us along the way. We have made a difference.

Way back in time, 2009, Judy & Jessica Birchler, 1958 Champ 7FC/EC

And now, after 10 years of holding the stick, (a.k.a. the LLT keyboard) it’s time to spread the responsibility and together welcome the next generation of lady taildragger pilots. The platform is in place. The audience is here. All we need now are individuals willing to step forward, volunteer, and play a part in the future of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.

While thinking about making changes, I took to heart a recent comment by Kelly Jeffries,

I have always liked the fact that we are an unorganized, organization. Often, when a group tries to structure, things start to get complicated; rules, dues, officers; then it gets yucky.

It’s sadly true but the yucky stuff is not the direction I’d like to head. Light and loose with a little help from my friends is my goal!

If you’d like to spend a little time — or a lot — filling an important roll within LadiesLoveTaildraggers, please sign up TODAY.  There are many ways you can help. We need….

    • Regional Liaisons
    • WordPress contributor: Add new member “Pilot Profiles” to LLT website
    • WordPress contributor: Write a feature monthly post about inspiring lady taildragger pilots
    • WordPress contributor: Guest writers
    • Google-maps: Add new host pilots to LLT Bed Breakfast & Beyond
    • 2019 AirVenture: Tuesday Luncheon Chairwoman
    • 2019 Natchitoches Louisiana Fly-in Co-coordinator (must attend fly-in)
    • 2019 Natchitoches Louisiana Poker Run & Silent Auction chairperson (must attend fly-in)
    • 2019 Natchitoches Louisiana Fly-in photographer (must attend fly-in)
    • 2020 LLT Scholarship Chairwoman
    • 2020 LLT AirVenture Chairwoman
    • 2020 LLT Flyin Chairwoman (evaluate destination options & Chair flyin)

Other inspiring comments came from Lynn Gardner, “Let’s figure out a way to divide and conquer for the sake of all LLTs.”  

And Rebecca Cozad, “This group’s niche focus makes me very happy! In all the other FB groups, there is great content, but an endless stream of male-dominated displays and misogynistic comments.

Thanks also to Hella, Andrea, Sharon, Lynn and Christine for your much appreciated input.

Volunteer Signup Form

2019 LLT Volunteer Opportunities
9 Regional Liaisons needed for monthly Skype meeting; be prepared to report on aviation events in your region. Follow up with email to Regional Liaison Chairwoman.
In which of the following areas would you like to participate?
Social Media. Our Facebook Group is nearing 3000 members and many thanks to our new FB moderators. Volunteers needed to take the lead on increasing our presence in other venues.
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