You may want to see these videos!

If you’re into taildraggers and amazing video footage, here are a few links you’ll find interesting – all are really short.

A great view from inside the plane as a Cub is landed on a gravel bar in Alaska!

Alaskan Gravel Bar Landing

Oshkosh 2007.  A  North American T-6 experienced a loss of engine power over Hwy 41 near Oshkosh and was forced to land on the highway.  Incredibly, a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper caught the landing on video tape!   Contributed by Craig Wix.

T-6 Highway Landing

Ever see a plane take off in just 18 feet?

Super-Cub Takeoff!

Ever see a plane land on a dime?

Super Cub Landing

This one should *almost* be in the “Water” category!  A truly amazing back-country landing…

Super Cub Landing II

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