Young Eagle “Girl Scout” Flights

Young Eagle flights are always a great thing – great for the kids who get to fly and great for the pilots who get to experience their adventure with them.  But tonight I found the secret of trumping the average (however fun) run of the mill Young Eagle flight. You take 4 lady pilots, 4 airplanes, 9 Girl Scouts and turn ’em loose in the sky!

Girl Scout, Megan and Judy  just before our Young Eagle flight

So here we are all ready to go. Now who do you think all the girls are gonna want to fly with? I’m guessing Kassie wearing the nifty blue “United Airlines” first officer uniform (she’s got a really cool hat too). Well, they may have really wanted to fly with Kassie but they were all very sweet & polite and happily jumped into whichever airplane they were assigned to.

The 4 pilots, Susan Zellers, Kassie Schaefer, Judy Birchler & Ester Wyandt

The pilot briefing’s done and the girls are ready to go – the little ones and the big ones!

One last pose

What…. I’m the only taildragger participating! There just must not be enough taildraggers to go around, what other possible explanation?!

3 trikes and 1 taildragger heading out


Ester and her young “crew”

I’ve spent 5 minutes before explaining to a 50 year old how to climb into a Champ. A 4th grader can hop in one before the door is fully open!

I think Megan liked her snazzy headset!

Lovely evening.

We had a beautiful view heading back to the airport


Too cute – a 4th grade taildragger pilot in the the making!

The Goodyear blimp occasionally stops by MQJ but visits are very infrequent. Lucky tonight for the girls to see it arrive.

The perfect ending to a Young Eagle flight – watching the approach of the Goodyear Blimp to our airport!

Thank you to Jack Morton for organizing the event and being determined to find 4 available lady pilots. Thanks to the gals flying – I loved hearing us all taking over the airwaves. And thanks to the Girl Scouts for flying with us and working so hard to get your Aviation Badges.

  • Susan
    Posted at 08:52h, 02 October Reply

    Fabulous Judy!! Way to go! We ought to consider doing something like this at the LLT Fly-in!

  • Sue
    Posted at 06:58h, 28 September Reply

    Girl Power! Glad to see you’re passing the passion on. Keep it going!!

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